I grew up on Des Moines’s south side quiet, comfortable suburb, where elementary, middle and high schools and churches and libraries were less than three miles from my home. I came into a relationship with the Lord during my sophomore year of college. The journey has been a roller coaster ride since then with a degree in English from the University of Northern Iowa. Then a marriage. Then a divorce, which transformed my life and deepened my relationship with God.

hile I wanted to pursue more writing, life steered me in the direction of teaching English as a second language and a Master’s Degree at Iowa State University. I taught ESL for three years at Kansas State University, then returned to writing and earned a master’s degree in creative non-fiction in Pittsburgh. The memoir, that I wrote as a student, will eventually be published, details the lessons learned from my divorce. Pittsburgh is also where I met and married my second husband. We are now the parents of two wonderful children in elementary school and preschool, living in West Des Moines.

oday I connect with God best through writing, music and nature. My deepest heart’s desire is to help others connect with God through music and writing. Studying God’s word has always been a priority for me and His faithfulness inspires me to share what He’s teaching me through writing.

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