Two Royal babies two months apart

How wonderful that Prince William and Kate welcomed their first son on Monday. The Royals now have a third-in-line contender for the throne. Media sources reported that he is healthy at 8 pounds and has been named George Alexander Louis. This is obviously a time of major adjustment for the new parents.

But there’s another William also anxiously waiting the birth of his first son, which will happen in about 8 to 8 ½ more weeks. This child will also be born into Royalty, but of a different type. This is a heavenly kingdom, not an earthly one. He is already a child of God, a beautiful gift, and an answer to years of prayer. He will be taught to love and honor the Lord. As news of Kate going into labor hit the airwaves Monday morning, a Christian radio station, a D.J. blurted out, “What if all births got this much attention? Wouldn’t that be awesome?” Our child won’t make headlines, but I’m also grateful that I won’t have to deal with paparazzi or any other media when it’s my turn.

Sadly, the press isn’t the slightest bit interested in William and Kate’s values or how they will parent. Instead Kate’s postpartum baby bump is scrutinized and analyzed. All the paparazzi see are dollar signs with each new photo of the child. William didn’t get the best role model for a father, but this child will undoubtedly stir memories of his beloved mother. Will Kate rely on a team of nannies for all the midnight and 2 a.m. feedings and diaper changes or rise to the challenge herself? How did Diana do it? There’s no way to know and it really doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, Kate will constantly be compared to the late Diana as she raises her son.

William and Kate’s wedding anniversary is only two weeks before ours. They welcome their first-born son two months before ours. Even though we are ten years their senior, our lives continue to parallel each other’s more than Princess Diana mothering two little boys a generation ago. I barely paid attention to her due to lack of interest.

My best wishes and prayers go out to Kate and William as new parents, and I could use a lot of them myself as I prepare for the same role.



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3 thoughts on “Two Royal babies two months apart

  1. Leslie, the intro to this post is just wonderful! I am so excited for your bundle of joy to enter the world and blessed by our great God! You and William are going to make fabulous parents solely because you will not only teach him about the Lord, but you reflect Jesus in all that you two do.

  2. How did you ever come up with that idea? Very clever, indeed. Liam, as you say, “will be born into a heavenly kingdom.” Who is Niquelle? She gave a very complimentary reply.

    I’m starting to “fade,” since it’s been a busy day. Ellie and I walked all around Raccoon Valley lake this morning before I went to the Food Pantry and we were quite busy this afternoon.

    I think I mentioned to you that we would be going up to St. James for the Romsdahl re-union. I’ve been busy getting things (food) ready to take up.

    Well, have a good week-end and celebration for Wm’s BD. We sent him a funny card – of course your Dad picked it out! ha The yellow shirt we gave to him when we were in Myrtle Beach was for his BD.



  3. I am so happy to hear your prayers have been answered. Good luck to you! Your child may not make the headline news, but he certainly will be born into something much more special – the loving arms of two people who will love and care for him and raise him in faith. We got the same gift 12 years ago, and as a parent, your love continues to grow every day.

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